Life as a sugar maker!

Life as a sugar maker!

Posted by Jim on Jan 24th 2018

Just when you're getting ahead on the season - nature can throw you a curve ball!  Our woods abound with springs and mountain runoff - and these two come together and feed our two main streams that can change from babbling brooks to dangerous fast moving torrents.  An unseasonably warm weekend with heavy rain caused flash flooding and ice flows that carved channels through a couple feet of snow and washed out one of our bridges used for snowmobile (sled) travel, necessitating us to improvise and find a narrow place to cross with an aluminum plank.  It will be snowshoe travel only until we get the bridge rebuilt or find a place on the brook frozen solid enough to cross on sled.  The mountains are awesome but working in them is always dynamic - you never know what will be next! 

Keep checking in and we'll try to keep you up to date with the weeks events!

Take care and God Bless!