Maple Info

Organic Maple Syrup is a healthy, natural, and delicious sweetener that is made from gathering the sap from maple trees and boiling it down in order to remove excess water and reach the desired sugar concentration.  Generally, it can take 40 to 45 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup!  That means there's a lot of work in making syrup, and nowadays that tradition still holds true. However, there is also a lot of new technology helping to make the process more efficient and conserve energy.  The Organic Maple Syrup we make comes in different colors and this is because color and flavor can change throughout the season due to a host of factors (most beyond the syrup maker's control).  Each color possesses it's own unique qualities and flavors and sometimes people have a hard time deciding which to choose.  The good news is you cannot really go wrong - it's all delicious, but if you like flavors that are light and delicate we suggest trying a lighter syrup.  Our Golden Organic Maple Syrup possesses such a pristine and lighter maple flavor that it can be an excellent choice for topping your yogurt or ice cream where you can really appreciate it.  In comparison, our Dark Organic Maple Syrup possesses a stronger, deeper flavor that can stand out better however you might choose to use it!   All our Organic Syrup colors are great for everything from splashing on pancakes, sweetening your coffee, or baking your favorite dish with!  

If You're Still Unsure What To Choose - Try Our Organic Amber Maple Syrup - It's a Great All Around Syrup That We're Sure You'll Love - Enjoy !