Why Tree Of Life?

Maple Syrup is just Maple Syrup isn't it? 

Well yes and no!  While it's obvious that all maple syrup has some common attributes, its production and handling processes can vary rather significantly.  Tree Of Life Maple Farm is Organic Certified by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc.) and that means that we are held to a higher standard.  All our harvesting and processing equipment is comprised of either food grade materials or stainless steel, and undesirable materials like galvanized storage containers, and non-organic processing agents are not used.  Our facilities and woods are inspected yearly and our cleaning processes utilize Organically approved agents and protocols.


In addition to being Organic Certified, we at Tree Of Life Maple Farm attempt to go the extra mile and strive to produce and offer some of the best flavored syrup available combined with excellent customer service and satisfaction.  To ensure that our syrup is of premium flavor we regularly taste each batch and eliminate syrup from our lineup that just doesn't meet our standards.  Our non-blended commitment means that we do not combine or blend off flavored syrup that doesn't meet our standard with other syrup in an attempt to use it up and mask unacceptable flavors.  Could we? Yes, of coarse.  But we would rather know that what we are giving to our customers is some of the best there is!  For this reason, we have also begun a phasing out of all non-stainless storage containers for our bulk syrup.  This is an expensive investment but there is no better way to store syrup and preserve its flavor and integrity.  So while there are many excellent syrup makers out there, we want our customers to know that our syrup is handled in a manner that we would choose for our family and we believe it's some of the best there is!  We think you'll agree!